ECCO Gravel svart 30 mm, 160 x 120 cm, pris per styck

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ECCO Gravel svart 30 mm

160 x 120 cm modul


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ECCOgravel sheets are frost-resistant sheets produced from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). Gravel surfacing produced from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) remains flexible at all times, even at freezing temperatures to – 20°C. Gravel grids produced from different materials would break under cold temperatures.

ECCOgravel sheets have a pressure resistance when filled of up to 400 tonnes/m². Unfilled, the plates have a pressure resistance of 90 tonnes/m². The pressure resistance is important because it indicates the maximum extent to which the plate can be loaded. Thanks to its high pressure resistance, the ECCOgravel sheet is ideally suited for constructing your driveway, parking area, fire accesses, etc.

Pressure resistance is not all that matters in a gravel plate, torque resistance is also very important. When you are driving a car over gravel sheets, you are not only exerting pressure, but your manoeuvring (twisting and turning) also exerts torque forces on the substrate. Here too, the importance of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) comes into play: thanks to this composition, ECCOgravel plates remain flexible, which means they will not break or deform over time. Moreover, all ECCOgravel sheets boast synthetic reinforcements between the honeycombs in order to enhance torque resistance.

A great deal of attention is given not only to the composition of the plate itself; the anti-rooting mat (also called geotextile) is also selected with great care. This geotextile ensures that the pebbles do not end up underneath the plate. The geotextile for ECCOgravel grids is 100% bonded, preventing this issue from occurring here. In addition, the geotextile is manufactured from polyester, which is a high-strength material. Not only is the geotextile exceedingly strong, but it also has an open structure. This ensures that rainwater permeates into the substrate quickly, allowing your gravel surface to remain clean. Lastly, plants and grasses also have a harder time attaching, preventing the growth of weeds.